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(No, not Eliot Sloan, Elliott Sloan, nor Elliott Sloane, and definitely not Eloit anything; Only Elliot Sloane!)

Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, CCE, FHIMSS

Founder, President, and Executive Director of the

Center for Healthcare Information Research and Policy

CHIRP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency  


Curriculum Vitae

Selected Refereed Papers, Presentations, and Research Interests for Elliot Sloane

World Health Organization (WHO)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) - The Eastern Caribbean Countries Fall 2008 Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshop (ACEW) Conference Notes and Presentations

Some of my prior Course Materials from my Villanova School of Business

Some of my Villanova Computing Sciences Department eHealth, Health IT, and Privacy and Security Course Materials

Link to my Drexel University Health Systems Engineering, Healthcare IT, and Medical Device Interoperability Courses and Resources



                                                          My picture is above, so you can find Elliot Sloane in the crowd!


Useful Professional Links

These are some of the organizations where I participate because I have found that their work, and their members, make a difference!

American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE)

ANSI Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP)

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA (BFTP-PA)

Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)

Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

(Local Chapter - Delaware Valley HIMSS)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine Society (IEEE-EMBS)

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE International)

US Secretary of Health's Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT (ONCHIT)


Free software resources:

Free AVG Antivirus Software (Note, too, that they offer a large library of free virus removal tools, in case your PC is already infected.)

For my friends, colleagues, and students, this may give you inspiration. Each and every one of us CAN and DO and WILL make a difference!

Click Here to read a Tribute to Professor Robert (Bob) Morris, my friend, a mentor to many, and a kind, tireless, and brilliant teacher and humanitarian.  He inspired us, made us laugh, gave us pause to reflect, and he helped people and hospitals around the world to his last breath...

Bob Morris' Dad was a migrant farmer, and Bob lived in 20 cities before he even reached High School!  As you will read in the above Tribute, Bob didn't even have indoor plumbing until he went into the ARMY!!  Bob was physicist who became a talented Clinical Engineer by natural curiosity and lots of hard work.

Obituary of Dr. Manuel H Sloane, my father.

My Dad, Manny Sloane, had a life well-lived that was dedicated to healthcare, science, country, and family. He demonstrated lifelong tenacity, curiosity, and compassion that I, too, strive to attain.  Life did not always treat him fairly, but  nonetheless he did his best to maintain a steady sense of dignity, self respect, and humility throughout his life.

Manny Sloane was loved, respected, trusted, and admired by many.

May he rest in peace.


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(No, not Eliot Sloan, Elliott Sloan, nor Elliott Sloane, and definitely not Eloit anything; Only Elliot Sloane!)


Special interests: MIS information systems MIS medical decision support MIS expert systems MIS medical decision support systems

clinical engineer clinical engineering clinical engineer clinical engineering clinical engineer clinical engineering

patient safety medical errors patient errors medical safety patient safety medical errors patient safety medical errors